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Example Programme of Work

February / March

Apply Prestige 4-0-8 FT Initiate granule fertiliser at 35g/m2.  This Nitrogen-Potash fertiliser helps control moss and acts as a spring start up fertiliser.

Scarificationlawn scarifying

Approximately 2 weeks later from the above application and once the moss is dead and has turned black, scarify in 2 directions and remove the debris.  This process is designed to reduce the amount of thatch on your lawn.

April / May

Approximately 6 to 8 weeks after applying 4-0-8 fertiliser apply Prestige 14-2-6FT Longevity spring and summer fertiliser at 35g/m2.  This quality granular fertiliser will feed for approximately 8 to 10 weeks and also provides Magnesium, which will help to colour and harden the tuf.

Weed Control

Holster plus Nugro 6-2-4 Organic fertiliser.  This product must be used when good growing conditions apply and good moisture levels are available.

July / Augustnew lawn

Apply a second application of Prestige 12-2-6 as above,

September / October

Apply Prestige 6-6-12 FT All Season, autumn and winter fertiliser at 35g/m2.  This product will give good controlled autumn growth and the iron content will help to remove any moss that his present.

November, December, January, February and March

Verti-drain all grass areas to a depth of approximately 6 inches to relieve compaction and help aeration.  This will lead to better root penetration, stronger and healthier grass.  The is a method of relieving the surface by introducing a series of spikes which penetrate the surface approximately 250-300mm to offset the compaction of the ground.

Along with improving the quality of your lawn Elms Turf Care can assist with the following lawn problems:

Pests - leatherjackets, chafer bugs, mining bees, ants.

Diseases - snow mould, red thread, toadstools, fairy rings, lichen and algae.

Pale green grass, clover, bumps and hollows,  bare patches, thin and sparse grass, brown patches, mole hills, under tree trouble, weeds and moss.